[xmlsec] transform question

hungpq at volny.cz hungpq at volny.cz
Tue Apr 13 01:23:53 PDT 2004

Hi all,
can some of you tell me what 's wrong I have done?
I am implementing STR transform for web services security. This
transform does something, then perform canonicalization at the
When running the program failed after performin c14n transform,
file "c14n.c", line 273, ret = xmlOutputBufferClose(buf).

I am using xmlSeclib version 1.2.1, windows platform.

Thank you in advance,

The following is my code, that enables canonicalization after str
transform. ----------------
int strTransformExecute(xmlSecTransformPtr transform, int last,
xmlSecTransformCtxPtr transformCtx){

    // connect canonicalization
    xmlSecTransformPtr canTransform =

    int ret;
        ret = xmlSecTransformCtxAppend(transformCtx,
canTransform);         if(ret) return -1;
        xmlSecTransformPtr canNext = transform->next;
        ret = xmlSecTransformConnect(transform, canTransform,
transformCtx);         if(!ret) ret =
xmlSecTransformConnect(canTransform, canNext, transformCtx);
        if(ret) return -1;

    // perform transform


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