[xmlsec] xmlsec and HSMs / Accelerators

Patrick Richard patr at sxip.com
Thu Apr 8 14:03:49 PDT 2004

> Why do you think CAPI <-> P-11 is so relevant ?

Yeah, sure, I agree some providers are providing CAPI and P11

_some_ are just P11. Whilst accerlerators in CAPI is simple, it is less
common to _not_ have P11 with HSMs, no ?

So what I was getting at, are there any xmlsec -> CAPI - whith HSMs that
we had success with ? (P-11 underneath I am happy too).

That is a different Q than just accelerators.

What I am wanting to do is use HSMs with xmlsec without too many
'external' initializers etc.. First I need to know it works at all,
which it seems to (via CAPI, whatever is underneath it doesn't care).


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