[xmlsec] xmlsec and HSMs / Accelerators

xs04.jmdesp at free.fr xs04.jmdesp at free.fr
Thu Apr 8 12:27:37 PDT 2004

Quoting Patrick Richard <patr at sxip.com>:
> Hmm...  I'm wondering if anyone has done xmlsec <-> CAPI <-> P-11 <->
> HSM as well.

Why do you think CAPI <-> P-11 is so relevant ? 
I'm not sure they are many HSM vendor that supply a CSP based on a PKCS#11
engine (as opposed to providing both CSP and pkcs#11 level access)

If you see the thread I initiated recently, you'll see that the use of a
CryptDuplicateKey call inside the code seems to be a problem for quite a few
CAPI providers. It's not garanteed to fail, but not to work either.

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