[xmlsec] Encryption and namespace

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Mar 23 08:42:18 PST 2004

>   is the decryptor required to perform "parsing" ? 
Not in the spec. One can dump the document and decrypted piece into
a string and then parse the whole document back. Not very fast
and not very efficient :(

>   That's an implementation issue. Parsing a substring within a node context
> could be a useful addition to libxml2 API, I'm not saying it's impossible
> but I try to understand the real scope of the problem, in order to get
> the right solution. There is more than just in-scope namespaces which are
> inherited from a document, like entities ...
Yes, you are right. It's much more. The general idea behind the spec is
that you get a piece of XML document and encrypt it, then someone
decrypts this piece and gets original XML document "as-is".


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