[xmlsec] How to later add a certificate to a key in a keysmanager? (fwd)

Erwann Abalea erwann.abalea at certplus.com
Wed Mar 17 09:22:44 PST 2004

[repost, because I subscribed with a slightly different email address]


I'm writing a test app which allows me to sign and/or encrypt specific
documents. It is a command line app, and I wanted to manually (i.e. by
commandline options) specify keys and certificates to load. That works, I
can load keys and certificates, give them a name, and place them under the
control of a keys manager.

But is it possible to load a key and place it into a keys manager, and
later associate a certificate to that key, without having kept a pointer
to it? In other words, can I do a xmlSecKeyStoreFindKey() with the correct
name to find the key and add a certificate to it, and later find the
certificate in my XML signed document? The API reference tells me that I
need to provide keyInfoCtx, can it be NULL? The same API tells me that I'm
responsible for destroying the returned key, does that mean that the key I
get is a copy of the original one?


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