[xmlsec] DigestValue, xmlsec failure, need guidance.

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Mar 12 08:33:40 PST 2004

> Another strange fact (telling it just for fun) that the DigestValue hash 
> in his example was a precise, fine-crafted, robust SHA1 hash of a NULL 
> string, mainly because of the missing Id. :-) 
:) :) :)

> By the way, does it make a difference, that it's not a simple signed XML 
> document but XML SOAP? I think it shouldn't. 
There is *a little* difference if you want to sign only your document
but not the whole SOAP Envelope. In this case, C14N will propagate SOAP 
namespaces and "pollute" your document. If you don't want this then 
it is better to use Exclusive C14N instead of the C14N.


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