[xmlsec] How to retrieve/parse a URI from a stream.

Andrew Fan Andrew.Fan at Sun.Com
Thu Mar 11 02:04:19 PST 2004


There is a requirement which need to reterive content of a URI  from a 
stream instead of a phical file. Such as the following xml:

         Hello, World!
   <picture URI="Picture/a.gif"/>
   <picture URI="Picture/b.gif"/>

At the moment, I have no phical files, no xml files, no gif files, all 
of them in the computer memory. And at the moment, I want to sign the 
xml document and the pictures, I prepare a signature template with a 

<Reference URI=URI="Picture/a.gif"/>

No doubt, I will get a wrong message because the xmlsec transform will 
faile to find the phical gif file.

This case is very common in photo/images edit application, I think.

So I think maybe xmlsec can provide another types of transform, which 
will give an method to bind a URI with a stream or something else and do 
not make any harm to the current framework.

Would you please give me some suggestions?

Thanks & Regards,

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