[xmlsec] man xmlsec1-config problem

John Belmonte john at neggie.net
Fri Jan 23 14:41:47 PST 2004

Aleksey wrote:
> This page (as well as xmlsec1 man page) is automatically generated
> from xmlsec1-config tool. I am not sure I know any good way of making
> these generic :( As I wrote before, I would love to have an ability
> to automatically generate these pages if help2man tool is available. 
> But it goes beyond my configure.in skills :(

What I mean by generic is just remove the list of acceptable crypto 
values (or list all of them always), and remove the display of all the 
default values.  This is what is done in the xmlsec1 man page.  I think 
this is better than displaying the wrong information.


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