[xmlsec] Dynamic Libraries Under OS X

David Mundie mundie at anthus.com
Sun Jan 11 15:30:09 PST 2004

I found this in a FAQ at opendarwin.org [1]:

> 	• 	How do I port shared libraries to Darwin?
> Unfortunatly, at the moment, there is no straightforward way. Since 
> the defacto standard dl* functions are based on ELF and Darwin uses 
> Mach-O binaries, there is no simple port. Darwin uses the NeXT dyld 
> dynamic link editor, and there is a man page with plenty of good 
> information. There are also higher level functions that are probably 
> closer to what you want (NSObjectFileImage for example). Unfortunatly, 
> the man pages for these functions are not in the Darwin CVS tree.

Is it really this simple? Is xmsec just using ELF's dl* functions, 
which are incompatible with Mach-O?

If so, it amazes me that I was able to get xmlsec to work with my 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH/symbolic-.dylib-to-.so-link solution!

  - dam

[1] http://www.opendarwin.org/en/faq.php#dynlib

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