[xmlsec] Success Building xmlsec on OS X

David Mundie mundie at anthus.com
Sun Jan 11 14:44:01 PST 2004

It turns out that building xmlsec under OS X is  really quite simple: 
it suffices to disable dynamic loading at the configure step:

	./configure --disable-apps-crypto-dl

This leaves two action items open:

1. A philosophical, theoretical question: why doesn't dynamic linking 
work with xmlsec under OS X? This is not an urgent issue. I will be 
investigating it, and Wojtek tells me that at the end of the month he 
will have access to an OS X system and will do some poking around. (The 
essence of the problem is that xmlsec tries to load a .so file instead 
of a .dylib file.)

2. A practical question: what to do so that other OS X users can 
download and build xmlsec with a minimum of pain? This strikes me as a 
higher-priority issue. There is a range of possibilities here:

a. Call the archived version of this message documentation, and let OS 
X users search the archives to find out how to build.
b. Add a note to the installation instructions telling users to turn 
off dynamic loading for OS X.
c. Make the default be to disable dynamic loading. Aleksey tells me 
there is really only one user who needs it.
d. Leave the default as it is, but customize the configure scripts to 
turn it off for OS X.

I will be happy to implement (d), but I need some help. I thought the 
way autoconf worked was that you added conditionals to configure.in to 
make changes based on the host type. However, that doesn't seem to be 
the way the xmlsec configure scripts are set up.

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