[xmlsec] Very Basic Questions About Building xmlsec Under OS X

David Mundie mundie at anthus.com
Fri Jan 9 15:18:17 PST 2004

This is too embarrassing a question to post to the xmlsec mailing list, 
so I've just sent it to the three of you.

I have downloaded the xmlsec archive and run ./configure. What I get is:

checking for libxml2 libraries >= 2.4.2... yes ('')
checking for libxslt libraries >= 1.0.20... no
checking for gnutls libraries >= 1.0.4... no
checking for nspr libraries >= 4.0... no
checking for nss libraries >= 3.2... no
checking for crypto library... configure: error: At least one crypto 
library should exist for xmlsec1

Although openssl 0.9.7 comes with Panther, apparently the libraries do 
not. I had hoped I could just use my existing environment, but I guess 

I am *very* reluctant to download and install openssl on top of what 
Apple delivers, for fear of clobbering my existing openssl. How should 
I proceed? I haven't built openssl before - is there an option to 
*only* build the libraries or something?

  - dam

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