[xmlsec] Re: xmlAddID in practice

Wojtek Pięcek woju at pingwin.waw.pl
Tue Dec 23 03:16:43 PST 2003

Hi all,

> If you are using this for Visa3d then don't bother with xmlAddID() and use
> XMLSEC_DSIG_FLAGS_USE_VISA3D_HACK flag. It'll do everything you
> need. Otherwise, look at src/xmltree.c file. There should be examples of
> using it.

No, using only flag XMLSEC_DSIG_FLAGS_USE_VISA3D_HACK not help.

When I trying to verify my signed document, using patched version of verify3
(added XMLSEC_D...), I got:

func=xmlSecTransformVisa3DHackExecute:file=xpath.c:line=1114:obj=Visa3DHackTransform:subj=xmlGetID:error=5:libxml2 library function failed:id="APeN+QH9CmUVZgE7x6Ls/G6RsYO+"

and more errors. Help for me if signed template have on tom mini-dtd, like

<!DOCTYPE ThreeDSecure [

This template verify correct.

Can you comment this?


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