[xmlsec] Re: xmlAddID in practice

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Dec 22 19:16:40 PST 2003

If you are using this for Visa3d then don't bother with xmlAddID() 
and use XMLSEC_DSIG_FLAGS_USE_VISA3D_HACK flag. It'll do everything 
you need. Otherwise, look at src/xmltree.c file. There should be 
examples of using it. 

Next, writing questions about xmlsec to my personal email instead of 
the mailing list is the best way to never get an answer from me (this email 
was found in my trash folder).

Finally, when I tried to send this message to you first time, I got
response from your smtp server that it does not want to accept mails 
from mine:

<woju at pingwin.waw.pl>: host diuna.pingwin.waw.pl[] said: 550 5.7.1 
    We do not accept mail from dsl.speakeasy.net (in reply to MAIL FROM 

I am sending my reply to the list and hope you'll read it. And I also 
hope that you understand that you'll never recieve any mail from me or xmlsec 
mailing list unless you re-configure your smtp server :)


Wojtek Pięcek wrote on 12/22/2003, 4:28 AM: 
> Hi Aleksey 
> I'm trying to implement perl library (using .xs and your code, generaly from 
> sign and verify examples) with support for ARX HSM (i'm not suer full NDA 
> for that part). I'm generaly perl programers, I'm not fun of C-programming, 
> this is not my prefered language. More - I'm not wan't for now, know all 
> info about XML, I want to create this function and make this work. Only. 
> My problem is - I'm trying to add functionality for veryfing bad XML (I 
> know, this is NOT XML). In FAQ, you wrote: 
>     * Register ID attributes manually (xmlAddID function or --id-attr option for xmlsec command line utility). 
>     * Enable Visa 3D hack in XML DSig context (dsigCtx->flags |= XMLSEC_DSIG_FLAGS_USE_VISA3D_HACK or --enable-visa3d-hack option for xmlsec command line utility). 
> Second line is simple, but info how to register ID is too simple for me. Can 
> you show me simple, very simple example how to implement this function? This 
> is needed for VISA3D files. 
> Of course I read biiig xmlsec.c, but this is too complecated for me. 
> Thanks very much and Merry Christmans. 
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> Wojtek 
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