[xmlsec] getting started with Example 2

Henry Case henry_case74 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 1 06:42:31 PST 2003


I'm trying to get started with the Example 2 (encrypting binary data with a 
With some minor changes it compiles but crashes when it wants to print it to 

I'm using the binaries provided by Zlatkovic and MS VC6 under Win2000.

It is only compiling (dynamic linking) when making the following changes:
casting key_file to unsigned char*
    /* set key name to the file name, this is just an example! */
    if(xmlSecKeySetName(encCtx->encKey,(unsigned char*) key_file) < 0) {
casting secret_data to char*
    if(encrypt_file(argv[1],argv[2], secret_data, 
strlen((char*)secret_data)) < 0) {

The Program then works fine (reading template.xml and deskey.bin...; doc is 
builed with all nodes) until the line

    xmlDocDump(stdout, doc);

any Ideas?

best regards,

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