[xmlsec] xmlsec1 man page problem

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Nov 20 18:43:02 PST 2003

John Belmonte wrote:

> Aleksey wrote:
>> make docs-man
> A problem with this solution from the point of view of Debian 
> packaging is that it modifies files in the original xmlsec package.
> If man page or HTML files are affected by configure options, I don't 
> think those files should be included in the source package.  Would it 
> be difficult to generate them directly to their destination?  In other 
> words, the docs-man is done as part of the install, and the files are 
> output directly to the install directory instead of in the source tree.
> -John
Well, there is a little problem with that. The "help2man" utility used 
to create man pages is absolutely not
a common thing. I had to download and install it manually because it is 
not available in RedHat/Fedora "by default".
This is a dependency I would not want to add to the project.


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