Rep:[xmlsec] XML Encryption with session key

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at
Sat Nov 15 08:05:39 PST 2003

>RSA-v1.5 works for AES192 and 3DES
>RSA-OAEP works for AES128 and AES256
These are MANDATORY requirements for XML Enc interop. Other key sizes are
also possible:

And xmlsec does support any symmetric key length if public key size is 

>uses RSA-OAEP and 3DES (which is no good).
Looks good to me :)

>So I tried different scenarii and got the following:
>        RSA-v1.5 RSA-OAEP 
>3DES       OK     Not-OK
>AES128     OK       OK
>AES192     OK     Not-OK
>AES256     OK     Not-OK
>Does that sound good to you?
No, it does not.  Since you was able to  get RSA-OAEP for the smallest 
symmetric key only
then I would think that the problem is in the public key size. Try to 
use 2048 bits key.


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