Rep:[xmlsec] XML Encryption with session key

Yann Le Bars ylebar at
Wed Nov 12 05:41:48 PST 2003

Since my knowledge in C and debug and all this is not good enough, I
just stoped messing around with all this and read a bit of docs. I
discovered that: 

RSA-v1.5 works for AES192 and 3DES
RSA-OAEP works for AES128 and AES256

uses RSA-OAEP and 3DES (which is no good).

So I tried different scenarii and got the following:

        RSA-v1.5 RSA-OAEP 
3DES       OK     Not-OK
AES128     OK       OK
AES192     OK     Not-OK
AES256     OK     Not-OK

Does that sound good to you?

Decryption works fine then.

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