[xmlsec] Invalid data char=B; base=10 on verify

Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Mon Nov 10 22:52:37 PST 2003

Thanks a million. Turns out that any "hex" characters in the serial number
(e.g. 1D) will cause the problem. Certs with only numbers in them work.

Thanks again,

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The problem is caused by incorrect conversion of a big integer to a string.
Instead of using base 10 the function incorrectly used base 16. Thus you'll
get incorrect numbers sometime. This function is used in writing
<dsig:X509SerialNumber/> thus you got it only when you've used this node in
your template.


Edward Shallow wrote:

>   Is there any specific characters that cause or are affected by this 
>problem ? I don't get it for many schemas and documents ?
>I have a demo tomorrow and was wandering if I could work around it ?

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