Fwd: Re: [xmlsec] Problems with MScryto.

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Thu Nov 6 06:43:56 PST 2003

You could try something like this (I've removed error handling and other
stuff to make it more clear):

xmlSecKeysMngrPtr mngr = xmlSecKeysMngrCreate();

xmlSecKeyInfoCtxPtr keyInfoCtx = xmlSecKeyInfoCtxCreate(mngr);
keyInfoCtx->keyReq.keyType = xmlSecKeyDataTypePrivate;

dsigCtx->signKey = xmlSecKeysMngrFindKey(mngr, (xmlChar *)cert_name,

"cert_name" can be either a so called friendly name of your certificate
you want to use or a subject dn string of the certificate. libxmlsec will
try to locate this cert (with private key) in your default certificate
store location.


> Hola,
> Before nothing, thanks to answer express.
> You are right, that way are two ways to work with mscrypto:
> - Using pkcs12,
> - and using the keys of the certificate store directly.
> You have some small example to directly load and to use the keys from the
> certificate store?
> Because with himself not to do it.
> Thanks.
> Paco
>>From: "Wouter" To: Francisco Lechón CC: xmlsec at aleksey.com Subject: Re:
>>[xmlsec] Problems with MScryto. Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 13:24:42 +0100
>> (CET)
>>The example you're referring to doesn't work because mscrypto does not
>>support importing of private keys in any other format then pkcs12. So you
>>should either use a pkcs12 file for importing the keys, or use a private
>>key that is in your certificate store, and load/use that one.
>> >I am executing the example < sign2.c > of package XMLSEC in a system
>> >Windows and >using MScripto and it does not work correctly. > >I do not
>>understand the code of the function < xmlSecMSCryptoAppKeyLoad >, >I use
>> >like parameters, the file that contains the private key, and I indicate
>> >that the >format is < to xmlSecKeyDataFormatDer >, but the function
>>generates an >error. The >code for that format is not implemented. > >I
>>understand that that error is because uses the method of the interface
>> >of
>>the >CryptoAPI, and I am passing him a key private. > >It is not finished
>>to use the CryptoAPI? > >Somebody can help me sending some example that
>>works using Windows and >CryptoAPI? > >Thanks
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