[xmlsec] Problem with --with-mozilla-ver configure option

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Nov 5 14:21:18 PST 2003

Thanks! Applied and commited. BTW, you are using an old version
with XMLSEC_DOCDIR environment variable. In CVS I have switched
to "libxml2 style" and use "--with-html-dir" option instead :)


Checking in ChangeLog;
/cvs/gnome/xmlsec/ChangeLog,v  <--  ChangeLog
new revision: 1.171; previous revision: 1.170
Checking in configure.in;
/cvs/gnome/xmlsec/configure.in,v  <--  configure.in
new revision: 1.97; previous revision: 1.96

>  Okay, that one is more subtle, it's about the default document target
>dir used at make install in docs. If you make the interpretation of 
>$(datadir) when running configure, you can't change it at make install
>time which is required for example by rpm builds. The solution is to
>export from configure an escaped value and the evaluation of $(datadir)
>will only be done at "make install" time which allows my rpm builds to
>complete :-)

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