[xmlsec] Malformed Reference Element

Pablo Pombo Reyes ppombo at vcglock.cl
Wed Nov 5 14:39:54 PST 2003

Hi, I have the following problem:

I need to sign a XML Document whith SignedXML in Visual Basic .Net. When i
signed the xml document and use the id Attribute in the next format "Id"
this work, but, when i do the same but i only replace the id attribute for
"ID" this does not work and gives me the message "Malformed Reference

For instance:

This is my XML

<mydocument ID="myfirstdocument">

This is my code in VB.NET....


The above sample does not work

This other XML

<mydocument Id="myfirstdocument">

This is my code in VB.NET

The above sample works

The question is: How do i sign the xml whith the "ID" attribute.

Thanks a lot...

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