[xmlsec] I need examples that use mscrypto

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 29 23:32:03 PST 2003

> 	I have built XMLSec on Windows to use the mscrypto provider. However, >
I'm having a difficult time understanding how
> XMLSec exploits CryptoAPI and the Microsoft Certificate Store. I've been
> unable to locate any examples of how to use XMLSec
> in this environment. Can anyone provide any examples? Thanks!


In the mscrypto/src folder is a README file which explains a bit how the
coupling between the xmlsec library and MS Certificate store is done.

Basically you can load keys (i.e. certificates and their belonging private
keys, if available) through the usual interfaces of xmlsec lib. You can
load the keys by either their so called friendly name (his is the name you
can also see when opeining the certificate store from ms ie certificate
manager) as keyname, or by giving the full subject dn of the certificate
as the key name.

Possibly you want to use for example "xmlSecKeysMngrFindKey" to explicitly
load the key before your cryptographic actions.

You can also use other xmlsec api functions to load keys 'manually'. Plain
certificates or pkcs12 as type is supported with mscrypto.

Regards, Wouter

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