AW: AW: AW: AW: [xmlsec] Problems verifing digest value

Lehnert, Hartmut Lehnert at
Mon Oct 20 04:32:17 PDT 2003

Hello Aleksey,
Number 2 worked (mem buffer).
Thank you very much.

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0) Do you really want whitespaces written out? Just write out the 
document without
1) You can add whitespaces in memory by yourself.
2) Save formatted document to a temporary file or memory buffer and then 
parse it again.


Lehnert, Hartmut wrote:

>Yes, you're right! (Sorry for not reading 
> :-( ) But is there any 
>solution for this problem? How can the in-memory-representation be 
>transformed before calculating the hash value so that the hash created 
>over the in-memory-representation matches the hash value created over 
>the canonicalized file representation?
>Thank you VERY much for this answer;-)

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