[xmlsec] using SAX with xmlsec

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Oct 14 11:34:52 PDT 2003

I don't know how to you build the <dsig:Signature/> node thus I can only 
And I would bet that you have some namespaces defined in the document
before this node. Try to use exclusive C14N in 
instead of the regular canonicalization. But I can promise you nothing. 
is not designed to work in this mode.


Julianne Bielski wrote:

> I have put two templates in the same doc, one a detached, one an 
> enveloped.
> I build each template dynamically as a small DOM tree since I'm using 
> a SAX parser for performance. I pass the individual Signature nodes 
> in, as well as the document containing the templates and my untrusted 
> cert file name.
> I cannot get the detached signature to verify unless the template is 
> in a stand-alone file with the signature node at the root /and / use 
> xmlSecFindNode to derive the node. In other words, the node I pass in 
> does not work, even if the Signature is the only thing in the file.
> -- Regards
> J. Bielski
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