[xmlsec] docs directory install

John Belmonte jvb at prairienet.org
Mon Oct 13 18:03:54 PDT 2003

Rich Salz wrote:
>>I agree, but I think the configure option should be --htmldir, and it
>>should only install HTML files (exclude .cvsignore, Makefile*, *.sgml,
>>*.sxd, etc.).
> That goes against common practice; see what's in /usr/share/doc on your
> typical linux machine, e.g.

As a matter of fact I'm the one preparing xmlsec's /usr/share/doc for a 
typical machine (Debian), which is why I found the need for --htmldir. 
It's common to put html docs in /usr/share/doc/<package>/html/.  I've 
been doing that manually, but it's inconvenient without configure support.

> I like --docdir installing any and all non-manpage docs.

The xmlsec package couldn't know what I need to put in 
/usr/share/doc/<package>/ to meet Debian policy.  Such a general 
function wouldn't be much use.

Just as there may be a special place for man or info pages, a distro may 
have a special place to collect HTML pages.

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