[xmlsec] FW: ReferenceList template function patch

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sat Oct 11 21:18:40 PDT 2003

>Attached is a patch to include support for ReferenceList (in
>EncryptedKey element) in the template functions for (dynamically)
>building templates. 
Thanks for the patch! I have applied and after few changes commited. The 
changes I made are:

1) I created two functions and eliminated the enumeration. This just 
better fit the other xmlsec
template functions style :)
2) I removed the "retrievalInfo" parameter. The reason is that XML Enc 
specification does
not state that there is only one child possible in <enc:DataReference/> 
or <enc:KeyReference/>
elements. Thus using only one node is incorrect in this case.

>PS 2nd try, first try is now waiting on a mail server...
I am really sorry about that. I have moved during this week and 
aleksey.com server got a new
IP address. I did my best to make this migration transparent but some of 
DNS clients seems
to ignore the "cache-not-longer-than" parameter  and  my old IPs were 
used longer than I've
expected. I am sorry for inconvinience. If you sent any mail to xmlsec 
mailing list or me directly
during last week and did not get a reply then repost it, please.


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