FW: [xmlsec] Undefined with fresh checkout

Jan-Olof Andersson jan-olof.andersson at blcc.biz
Fri Sep 26 14:16:35 PDT 2003

I need the libnspr4.lib archive....

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Anybody who has the correct libnspr4 available?

Best regards

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Ops.. no, you have nothing to do with that. It's me :( I had some problems
with api docs generation last night. And while I have fixed docs I broke
everything else :) Anyway, seems that you have fixed "nn" problem yourself
(just replace "nn" with "delta" in that function) and the attached patch 
fix test failure issue (simply there was a wrong assert). I have checked 
it in CVS.

Sorry for inconvinience :(


Wouter wrote:

>The current cvs tree gives me the following:
>Undefined nn in function xmlSecBnAdd in bn.c
>After fixing that, everything (build and test) goes without problems for
>xmlsec with mscrypto, except for 
>verify  ./tests/merlin-xmldsig-twenty-three/signature-x509-is.xml, but
>that's probably because my undefined fix wasn't right. 
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