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Ok, I will try to explain once more :)

My secapp is a toolkit to support XMLDsig signing MIME message, there are
two or more mime parts and the first part is SOAP (<header> and <body>), the
other mime parts are attachments. These attachments are signed and the
<Signature> is placed inside the SOAP <header>. My secapp only relates and
thereby returns the SOAP message to the calling application which deals with
the mime packing and so on. So, when signing an attachment, the calling
application has to give my secapp a cid and the filepath (it's all filebased
for a reason not to mention here) for the file to sign, insert the cid in
<SignedInfo> make a digest (and put it in <DigestValue>) of the file with
filepath, and then sign <SignedInfo>. The reason the cid is signed and not
the filepath is because my secapp don't deal with the attachment in the
mimemessage, the calling application does. 
So when verifying the callig app will search through the attachments and
when it finds a cid it will give the filepath and the cid to my secapp (the
rest of the <References> in the <Signature> will be resolved by xmlsec in
normal manner). My secapp will make a list of these mappings and hopefully
in some way make the xmlsec to understand that the <SignatureValue> is a
signature over the current <SignedInfo> but the <DigestValue> of the
references with the cids is from the files with filepath given by the
mappings....I know this is working e.g. in the java lib IAIK...

I think this is a version of ebXML.

Best regards,

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Emne: Re: [xmlsec] Using a content ID for URI

No, it's actually not quite clear but I would try to guess :)

    1) You would like to use "#ID" or any other XPointer expression in 
URI attributes.
    Yes, it is possible. Please read section 3.2 from FAQ
    for the only known common issue about that.
    2) You need to use custom protocols like URI="cid:something"
    Yes, it is possible. You would need to register custom protocol 
handlers in both
    LibXML2 and xmlsec. Search headers in both libraries for 
    Protocol handlers in both libraries are exactly the same. LibXML2 
handlers are used
    for reading XML files (thus they can automatically do some smart 
things like gzip/gunzip)
    and xmlsec protocol handlers are used for reading binary files. Also 
there is a tutorial'
    page on LibXML2 web site about writing IO callbacks.


Johannes Kjos wrote:

>I'm using xmlsec 0.0.15! And using an upgrade makes a lot of work for me
>because other project participants have made quit a lot of work in the
>0.0.15 code. 
>My question is: Is it possible to make the xmlseclib to use a cid for URI
>SignedInfo References? E.g.I want the calling app to search through a some
>blocks of a message, inside them there is cids to be resolved for the cids
>in the references (the signature is in a header element). The calling app
>should send e.g. filepath and URI to my secapp and I will make xmlsec to
>the file for digest but have the cid for that file in SignedInfo when
>signing - and the other way when verifying.
>Hope this is understandable...
>Best regards,
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