[xmlsec] Re: Invalid certificate (and new todo)

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Sep 24 23:55:52 PDT 2003

Check that you load correct libraries :) I run into the same problem 
today :) The new dynamic
loading code picked up old xmlsec-mscrypto DLLs that were compiled 
before I did version check.

And I am going to do merge tomorrow night. I'll send out a message when 
I am done. I would
appreciate if you would be able to take a look to make sure that I did 
not break something.


Wouter wrote:

>>I looked at this change. It does not sound very bad. But it might create
>>problems with merging branch to the trunk. Since I think that mscrypto
>>code is
>>in a pretty good shape right now, I would suggest to first merge it into
>>the trunk.
>>Wouter, what do you think about that?
>Hi Aleksey, sounds fine, however yesterday when testing the newly created
>pkcs12 I send around, it worked fine in the visual studio environment, but
>I got memory problems (unhandled exceptions) when running xmlsec from the
>command line with exactly the same command.... That worries me a bit...
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