[xmlsec] Re: Invalid certificate

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Sep 24 12:07:49 PDT 2003

Ok, now we are getting somewhere :) The problem is that test (and all 
other xmlsec-crypto
libraries) expect this file to be public key in DER format. Not a 
certificate. We already have
several key types: DER/PEM/PKCS12 and it sounds like there needs to be 
one or two more:
public key with a cert in DER/PEM formats. I would need to think about 
that. I am not sure
that I want to package this changes in the initial xmlsec-mscrypto 
release. Probably we can
file a but and deal with this later. I am glad that now we understand 
the problem :)


>Could you tell me what is in the file: A certificate? Because that is
>what I'm expecting, but this file doesn't contain a certificate, as far
>as I can tell. I think I misunderstood the contents of the file
>therefore. Mscrypto can only read der files that contain certificates :(

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