[xmlsec] Emailing: EdTestFormNoMSO.zip

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Sep 24 08:07:00 PDT 2003

>1) In the Pre-Digest buffer (see below) I will get extra white space and/or
>CRLFs for every "subtract" I add in the transform chain. Do I need to do
>another Canonicalization after the set of filters ? Can this be expressed as
>a transform ?
It's OK. You just need to remember that XML includes not only element 
but also text nodes.
For example if you have following XML


then you have 3 element nodes and 3 text nodes. If you remove, say, 
<Signature1/>, the text nodes
around it stay. Thus you would have


If you want to remove this text node "\n   " then you need to specify it 
in the XPath expression but
actually there is no reason to do this.

>2) Is there any way to do a "wildcard" type thing with the "subtract" so I
>might use only a single filter instead of one for every //SignatureN ? Like
>a sort of //Signature(*) or something ?
It's an XPath expression and //dsig:Signature should do it 


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