[xmlsec] xmlsec-mscrypto code review (patch #5) and todo list

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Sep 23 21:48:42 PDT 2003

 >   0) Generalized api for loading keys from memory
Done. Created "general" functions for
    - reading key from memory
    - reading cert into key from memory
    - reading pkcs12 blob from memory
    - reading cert into keys manager from memory
Creating NSS functions was a trivial (but boring :) ) task because
NSS implementation of these functions already did something like:
    - load from file into memory
    - do something with data in memory
But anyway, I would appreciate if Tej can take a look to make sure I did
not screw up something :(

Also I have introduced "NSS specific" errors handler that always prints
out the last NSS error code (similar to what I did in mscrypto).

The patch is checked in and you can find it attached.


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