[xmlsec] Mscrypto IS patch

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Sep 22 12:51:10 PDT 2003

>>11) src/mscrypto/bignum.c, xmlSecMSCryptoDecToHex(), 
>>xmlSecMSCryptoHexToDec() and friends
>>Sorry, I don't understand  what you wrote in these functions. IMHO, 
>>there were too many code and
>>too many mallocs for such a simple task. I rewrote both functions. 
>>Please check that I did not break
>>break your tests.
>Could you explain the approach you've taken with the newly written code
>here? I've taken a look why they are not working, but excexpt for a
>wrong assertion at line 198 (should be become xmlSecAssert2(outBase <=
>sizeof(xmlSecMSCryptoRevLookupTable), NULL);) I couldn't find a trivial
>error, nor could I understand what the code does. 
This code is wrong (I sent a message about that last night). I know how 
to write a better code
(faster/less mallocs) than one you intialy wrote and I hope to do it 
tonight. The basic idea is
to implement following operations:
    - add int to bignum
    - mul bignum by int
    - div bignum by int
where bignum is a binary buffer that MSCrypto returns. After that 
converting that buffer (bignum)
to and from dec string is a piece of cake:
    bignum-->dec string
          dec_str = "";
          while(bignum != 0) {
                dec _str += convert_to_char(bignum % 10);
                bignum = bignum / 10;

    dec string->bignum
          bignum = 0;
          for(i = 0; i < strlen(dec_string);i++) {
                bignum = bignum * 10;
                bignum = bignum + convert_to_int(dec_str[i]);


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