[xmlsec] Mscrypto IS patch

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Sep 21 21:45:04 PDT 2003

> 11) src/mscrypto/bignum.c, xmlSecMSCryptoDecToHex(), 
> xmlSecMSCryptoHexToDec() and friends
> Sorry, I don't understand  what you wrote in these functions. IMHO, 
> there were too many code and
> too many mallocs for such a simple task. I rewrote both functions. 
> Please check that I did not break
> break your tests.

Ops.. Sorry, my code is broken. But after looking at your code for a 
couple hours I belive it is broken too.
And I still don't like these mallocs. I need to think about that 
problem. I am really surprised that MS does
not have a function we need :(


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