[xmlsec] XMLsec Command Line Utility and MSCrypto

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 18 12:37:20 PDT 2003


Aleksey is right here. Currently the key or certificate can be loaded by
giving it's keyname. However there are a few angles here (when I use
certificate, I mean actually certificate *with* public/private keypair,
since the certificate is the identifier for the keys with MS):

If more then 1 certificate is available in your certificate store with
the same name (I think it's even quite a big change that will happen),
only the first found will be loaded.
If you look for a certificate that does not reside in your personal
local default store, it will not be found.

I think there is a need to load the keys with other parameters as well,
possibly with a (limited?) support from the command line. I think for
example that the NSS Keys database also can benefit with a more generic
interface in the loading of keys (for example using another then default
key db)? I was thinking about a more generic approach here where some
kind of 'search parameter(s)' can be set for finding keys (and possible
certificates) (setKeySearchParameter(enum searchType, *value)). The type
of search parameters supported by a keys manager can be different for
each keys manager. 

This story is a bit vague probably, and interferes perhaps with the
keyinfo context, but I had no clear idea yet, how this can fit in the
xmlsec library. 

Another (a bit related) thing I ran into is the lack of support for
loading keys from memory. I know OpenSSL crypto implementation supports
this feature, but it isn't propagated in the generic interface. Are
there plans into this direction?


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> I am not sure I clear understand what do you want to do. The 
> "--pkcs12", 
> "--privkey", etc.
> just load the key from a file and put it into the keys 
> manager. The key 
> then could be refered to
> by name from xml files. If I understand the MSCrypto implementation 
> correctly, you should
> be able to refer to the exsiting key in MS Crypto store by 
> name w/o any 
> special "loading"
> because default keys manager for MSCrypto does look for key 
> in MS Crypto 
> store.
> Wouter?
> Aleksey
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