[xmlsec] XML Security Library 1.1.2 is released

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Sep 17 08:25:00 PDT 2003

The new XML Security Library 1.1.2 release introduces dynamical
crypto engines loading based on ltdl library (including tutorial, API
reference and documentation updates); adds an ability to build multiple
xmlsec-crypto libraries in one build on Windows; fixes minor problems in
test suite and multiple warnings when building on Sun Solaris.

The new release could be found at the usual place:


Currently the new dynamic loading system was tested on Linux (RedHat),
Windows and Sun Solaris. This is a new stuff and the functionality is very
platform specific. Please try it out on your favorite platform and submit
bug report if it does not work for you. Meantime, you can always disable
dynamic loading with "--disable-crypto-dl" option for ./configure script.

Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports or patches and shared ideas
in our discussions.


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