[xmlsec] bugfixes for mscrypto support

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Sep 15 12:28:22 PDT 2003

>Yeah, you're right, pkcs12 is supported, but the phaos encryption test
>suite doesn't contain pkcs12 files, only plain private key files. So
>what we could do is create pkcs12 file with the correct certs/keys in
>there, but we'd have to create 'dummy' certificates for this, and
>somehow we'd have to create the pkcs 12 files, but probably with OpenSSL
>we could do this. Or we can create code that imports the private key, as
>it is defined in the original phaos file, with that information I think
>it is possible to import the private key into MS Crypto API, but then
>this code would be implemented solely for this particular purpose: The
>phaos test suite ... What do you think? (PS Sorry I keep on nagging
>about these tests)

I guess pkcs#12 files with dummy certs is good option. BTW, does 
MSCrypto support pkcs#8

>>Done. The patch applied and commited. However, after applying 
>>that patch I could not execute tests with mscrypto anymore because 
>>the test suite freezes on the first DSig test. I have not investigated 
>>the issue yet but it seems strange because the patch does not look
>Hmmm, strange indeed. I've done a fresh checkout and didn't encounter
>any problems. So that is not helping you at all :(
Yes. I was kicked out from Windows box by my kid and his "Sesame Street 
Games" last night :)
But I hope to research this problem tonight.


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