[xmlsec] bugfixes for mscrypto support

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 14 12:53:53 PDT 2003


Attached is a patch (taken agains the XMLSEC_MSCRYPTO_083103 cvs tree,
today) that solves the following 3 problems:

	1) The keyname was not set when a certificate (key) was
	retrieved from MS Certificate store and transferred to the
	(cache) simple keystore (This resulted in errors in key lookup
	2) Symmetric key import failed, when keysize of given key was
	exact same size as key definition. Now a bigger size then
	needed kan be given to SetKey, this follows the behaviour of
rest of
	xmlsec library
	3) RSA keyimport changed, now imported keys are allowed to be
	for signing *and* encryption, instead of only for signing.

With this patch all tests that should work since the code for that is
implemenetd, are working on my system. Since private key import is not
supported a lot of the encryption tests still fail. However implementing
plain private key node import just for these tests is not of anyones
interest, so I'm afraid that will stay like this, or the testsuite
should be altered.

Aleksey: could you plz apply the patch, and commit the files? :)

Wouter Ketting

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