[xmlsec] Wrong key selection in simple keys store?

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 14 01:02:17 PDT 2003

Possibly true what you're stating, but this situation is actually
occurring when running the encryption test suite. For example the
"xmlsec encrypt  --crypto-config ../tests --keys-file
../tests/01-phaos-xmlenc-3/keys.xml --enabled-key-data key-name
--xml-data ../tests/01-phaos-xmlenc-3/enc-element-aes128-kt-rsa1_5.data
--node-name http://example.org/paymentv2:CreditCard --output
../tests/01-phaos-xmlenc-3/enc-element-aes128-kt-rsa1_5.tmpl" will load
the 256 bits aes key for creating the the encrypted data, which is of
type aes-128 encryption.... 

Perhaps the test needs to be adjusted then? 


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> > And in general, I would not recommend to search for keys without 
> > specifying a unique key name. It sounds like a good way to get 
> > yourself in trouble.
> Strongly agree.  Unless the keystore has exactly one key, I 
> think a name (or some other identifying information) should 
> be required.
> Ambiguity in signing is a bad idea. :)
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