[xmlsec] Mscrypto patch no 3

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Sep 12 00:24:16 PDT 2003

>> >      1) /tmp folder is in the sh at a different location then in
>> >      the application (xmlsec.exe) (c:\cygwin\tmp versus c:\tmp) on
>> >      my machine. It means you need c:\tmp folder to run the
>> >      tests.
>>I am not sure I understand that. I believe that the only 
>>place where we 
>>/tmp folder is in the tests/test*.sh. And on Windows it is always 
>><cygwin install root>/tmp
>>(i.e. c:\cygwin\tmp). Who requires c:\tmp folder?
>What happens is this: The shell script gives a temporary file name where
>a new xml-signature-file must be created... 
Ok, got it. Copied to my TODO list :)

>> >        3) Thirdly the command diff is used, but this may 
>>result into
>> >        finding differences in files simply because of the original
>> >        file may have lf and the newly generated files have crlf as
>> >        linebreaks. Use diff --strip-trailing-cr to avoid these
>> >        problems.
>>I don't think I like the idea of using --strip-trailing-cr. 
>>The end of line difference might be a real problem and if we 
>>use such an option then we can miss it. I don't see it 
>>myself. Which tests are you talking about?
>It's the enc tests where the diff command is user. If the files are
>properly checked out in a windows environment (with crlf linebreaks),
>this problem will not occur. However one someone like me checks out in
>unix format (lf linebreak) you'll get these kind of problems. 
I don't know. In both cases your have problems and I am not sure what is 
better: to have
a chance to miss an error (if "strip lf" option is used) or to have 
problems for some folks. 
Lets check what will happen with this issue if we do platform 
independent  tests description
(XML?) and on Windows use native Windows file comparer (fc if I recall 
the command name
correctly) instead of diff.

>> >        4) With the diff option files generated by the xmlsec.exe
>It should be checked and used in the test script then.
If you have this environment variable set then this might change default 
behaiviour. I don't think that it's a good idea to try to unset all 
possible "bad" environment
variables that one might have :)

>> >        6) Apparently the keys from the encryption tests from phaos
>> >        tests are not read/imported correctly,...
>>I'll investigate this further. The key import went well, but when using
>>the key ms crypto is complaining that the key is invalid :(


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