[xmlsec] Re: PLEASE support Borland compilers!

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Sep 11 17:26:06 PDT 2003

Well, if you are doing changes to support your favorite compiler and if
you want/can share your work with others then it makes a lot of sense
to submit your patch instead of asking others to do the same work again.
Honestly, I don't use Windows a lot and I don't have Borland C++ Builder
to support it. There is no magic in cvs/diffs/patches. On Windows you need
to install cygwin (do not forget to mark cvs/diff/patch for installation).
Next follow the instructions in HACKING file from xmlsec sources
distribution (look for "Preparing and submiting a patch." topic).


P.S. Please use xmlsec mailing list instead of my personal email for 
related to xmlsec.

Remy Lebeau wrote:

>I am attempting to use XMLSec under Borland C++Builder
>for Windows, and am finding that several aspects of it
>simply do not work correctly.  At first, I was using
>Igor's precompiled binaries, which work fine for
>LibXML2 but not XMLSec.  It would either crash
>altogether on some functions, or string values would
>contain garbage and fail various operations, etc.
>Well, in an attempt to fix it, I'm trying to recompile
>XMLSec under the Borland compiler.  Well, wouldn't you
>know it, at least some of the issues are related to
>improper exports and defines due to XMLSec's header
>files completely ignoring Borland altogether.  Some
>things that are preprocessed based on MSVC, MING, etc.
>need to take Borland into account as well.  Some of
>the MSVC defines can be applied to Borland as well
>(such as __declspec(dllexport), that's a biggy), while
>some things have to be handled differently as another
>preprocesser case.
>Would you PLEASE put native support for Borland into
>XMLSec's code?  If you're not going to make a project
>Makefile and such, at least make the headers and
>source files recognize the presence of Borland's
>compiler.  The precompiler value you can use to detect
>Borland is '__BORLANDC__'.
>I'm making changes to my local copy of XMLSec's files
>as I come across them (using the current MSCrypto
>branch w/ patches), but I know nothing about CVS or
>making patches so I can't distribute my changes to
>other people.  It took me a good part of this
>afternoon just to figure out how to log in to CVS
>using WinCVS without errors, documentation is very
>poor for that.  And patch.exe file doesn't even come
>with WinCVS anymore so I had to track down a copy
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