[xmlsec] Adding URI and digest

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Sep 8 08:22:03 PDT 2003

Not sure I exactly understand what do you want to do but:
    - Yes, it's possible to have a non-empty URI in the Reference.
    Just put it in the template and everything should work. And you
    can setup custom protocol handlers and replace the existing ones
    (http/ftp/file) or create new ones (in case you need special URIs).
    - There is no way to disable digest generation. I just don't see
    reasons for that.


Johannes Kjos wrote:

>I'm using xmlsec 0.0.15 (I'm sorry, one of my colleges has edited on
>serveral files - and I don't have have enough time to upgrade both xmlsec
>and his editing..), but this is a question about functionality, no bug
>reporting so perhaps......
>I want to be able to add a reference with URI and a digestvalue in base64 -
>I don't want xmlsec to generate digest for me. Then after adding references
>I want to sign the SignedInfo (I use "null-URI" in first reference -
>pointing out this is enveloped-signature ( however I want xmlsec to make a
>digest of this first reference!) ). Is this possible with the 0.0.15 API?
>Any suggestion how to make it work??
>Best regards,
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