[xmlsec] build system changes

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Sep 4 08:58:21 PDT 2003

Hi, All!

I would like to make some changes to the current xmlsec build
system. Currently we have followng situation:

*nix, Mac, etc. (autogen/automake/autoconf):
    We build all possible xmlsec-<crypto> libraries but only
    one xmlsec  command line tool linked against "default"
    crypto library
    RPMs are build as follows:
         - xmlsec, xmlsec-devel: core xmlsec and default
         xmlsec-<crypto> libraries, command line tool linked
         against the default crypto libs. For my RPMs, default
         crypto means "openssl".
         - xmlsec-nss, xmlsec-nss-devel: libs for xmlsec-nss,
         no executable 

    We build libraries and executable for the default crypto only.

I would like to change these and *aways* build all the xmlsec-<crypto>
libraries and xmlsec command line tools linked with each of
xmlsec-<crypto> libraries:

*nix, Mac, etc. (autogen/automake/autoconf):
    As before build all libraries (of course, user can disable
    some libraries from ./configure script). Build xmlsec1-openssl,
    xmlsec1-nss, xmlsec1-gnutls, etc. command line tools and
    later make a symbolic link "xmlsec1"-->"xmlsec1-<default crypto>".
    Probably there would be an option "--default-crypto" for
    ./configure script too.
    Also, RPMs would now have following structure:
        - xmlsec, xmlsec-devel: core xmlsec libraries, no executables
        - xmlsec-openssl, xmlsec-openssl-devel: openssl libs and
        - xmlsec-nss, xmlsec-nss-devel: nss libs and executable
    Build libraries and command line tools for all crypto libraries listed
    in comma separated list in option "crypto" for the configure.js script.
    After that, copy the "xmlsec-<default-crypto>.exe" to "xmlsec.exe"
    where <default-crypto> is the first item in the "crypto" list (do we 
    a separate "default-crypto" option?).

I would appreciate if John, Igor and everyone else interested can review
this plan and send your comments/suggestions. I am going to make these
changes next week on MS Crypto branch so we would have some bake time.


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