[xmlsec] cvs problems

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Sep 4 01:00:55 PDT 2003

Wouter wrote:

>I'm trying to get the latest version of the XMLSEC_MSCRYPTO_083103 branch.
>However in the first place I find that the cvs server is at certain times
>difficult reachable, is this normal? Secondly the mscrypto patch I send
>yesterday is not yet commited to the tree, is that right? Or does it take
>time before it is propagated to the anonymous cvs server?
There are multiple machines hosting GNOME anonymous CVS and it seems 
that one/some
of them have problems. I know that there were hardware problems a couple 
months ago and
several boxes were replaced. I'll send a message to GNOME CVS admins and 
try to find out
what is going on.

And you are right, there is a delay between changes are commited to CVS 
and the time
they are propagated to anonymous CVS. But usualy it takes a couple hours 
at most. I'll ask
CVS admins about that too. Meantime, I did a tarball with current branch:


>Finally we got some problems with checking out in a windows environment
>and checkin at a (probably) unix/linux environment (with the mscrypto
>stuff). Especially when files that are windows formatted are checked in
>under a unix environment, and then checked out again in a windows
>environment you'll get multiple carriage returns at the lines. I will try
>to check out unix lf only from now on, to avoid these problems.
I think I know what is the problem. When you've installed Cygwin, it 
have asked you about
default EOL (second or third installation step). And you selected "DOS". 
After that you have following:
  - you sent me a patch with DOS end-of-lines (and you have it on the disk);
  - I converted DOS eol to Unix eol and commited;
  - you update your sources and CVS merges with your current files on 
disk - eols are different
  and it keeps both; next Cygwin writes files to disk and converts my 
Unix eols into DOS eols
 (remember ou've selected default eols to be DOS!)

The simplest solution is to launch cygwin setup.exe and select Unix 
eols. This might require
few packages to be downloaded again.


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