[xmlsec] Re: Why use xmlDocDump(stdout,doc) crash?

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Sep 3 08:38:13 PDT 2003

If you have compiled examples w/o using supplied Makefile.w32 file
(i.e. you have created your own project) then see section 2.6 from the FAQ:


Otherwise, I have no idea.


P.S. Please use xmlsec mailing list for questions about xmlsec in the

greatwall wrote:

> Hialeksey
> I usedwith XML Security Library to test this examples
> http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/api/xmlsec-examples-sign-template-file.html
> But the result is following error picture!
> I use MS-Windows OS and Visual C++ 6.0 to complie this example.
> I track this example if I use 'xmlSaveFile ("sign1-res.xml",doc);' to
> replace 'xmlDocDump(stdout,doc);'
> We would can geta successful result : sign1-res.xml file.
> What reason could make this error? Could you speada little time to
> answerme?
> Why 'xmlDocDump(stdout,doc);' this function could product this memory
> crash?
> I used packages is following:
> libxml2-2.5.10.win32
> libxmlsec-1.1.1.win32
> libxslt-1.0.32.win32
> openssl-0.9.7a.win32
> iconv-1.8.win32
> Thanks.
> Jean ChungChen
> ------------------------------------------
> ChungHwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
> Email: greatwall at cht.com.tw <mailto:greatwall at cht.com.tw>
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