[xmlsec] xmlGenericErrorContext undefined

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 3 00:05:21 PDT 2003

Well, I thought I don't give any details, then it might appear a bit
intelligent... ;)
 but here's what happened:
In Vc6 there is only one way to add additional paths where dll's can be
found (for linking). It's a global setting that is valid for the complete
vc6 environment.

When switching to .NET, I did the same. However after some time, I added
the addional paths to the project settings, where with vc .NET you can
also set them. In the meantime I'd changed the structure where I install
libraries on my machine. The problem was that the global paths are
searched first to find dll's (and libs) and then the projects are searched
for. So the program got linked against an old version of libxml etc., and
during testing (execute) the new dll's where loaded... Removing the paths
in the global settings (and possibly using th eswicth option Igor
suggested) solved the problem.

It's just my lack of knowledge with vc .NET that caused the problem at the
end. :(


> Glad to know that you found it! Out of curiosity (and to help other guys
> who may run into this problem), what are these settings that you need
> to change in .NET Studio?
> Aleksey
> Wouter wrote:
>>Ok, found the problem, it was a config error. .NET global settings
>>aren't allways overruled by individial project settings, and therefore
>>other libraries were used linking, then I expected (and used running the
>>binaries). I'm surprised I didn't get way more trouble because of this.
>>Sorry for the confusion here.
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