[xmlsec] mscrypto api support, initial (alpha) release

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Sep 2 08:58:48 PDT 2003

>I've checked out the new branch, and discovered there are a few glitches 
>causing the software won't compile out of the box. 
Sorry about that :( I screwed up my Windows box again and was not able 
to try your code with
my changes before checking in. I guees I need to re-install everything 
to be able to work with
xmlsec-mscrypto... I hate it!

>The documentation found inside the souces is not complete at all, and
>cannot be regarded as anything usefull at this time. I didn't spend any
>time to that so far.
Ops... It looked very good :)

>PS If you want to know more about the company I work for, check this
>website out: http://www.cordys.com.
Cool! I am going to prepare "Contributors" page and I put the link on 
this page.


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