[xmlsec] Canonicalization problem?

Johannes Kjos Johannes.Kjos at ergo.no
Fri Aug 29 00:40:24 PDT 2003

I'm using xmlsec 0.0.15 and have a problem using the LF/NL and CR entities
in xmlfiles used for enveloped-signature.

<tag>&#13;&#10;Some text!</tag>

- looks like this in XEmacs after signing:
Some text</tag>

OK, as far as I understand this is the canonicalization procedure which
replace the enities with ASCII LF/NL. The problem is, the signed file will
not be verified. Isn't that a bit strange, the canonicalization takes place
before any digest is made, and the binary representation will be the same in
"both ends"(when making digest before signing and before verifying)?...

However if I drop the CR sign the ^M sign is gone and the signed file

Any thoughts on what's wrong? 


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