[xmlsec] Re: XML Security Library 1.1.1 is released

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Aug 22 12:22:37 PDT 2003

No, it is not. It would probably be 1.2.0 version if we would've had it :)
Seriously, I am not interested much in MS Crypto API support now thus
I probably wouldn't write this code myself. I know that some folks are
working on it but they are quite about the progress :) And they might
decide (or they would not be allowed) to share the results :(

Anyway, if someone has some MS Crypto API support code that they
want/can share, I would be glad to help. Probably the right approach
would be to create a new branch for that work until it is ready (the same
thing we did with xmlsec-nss and I think it worked out very well).
And if the code gets in CVS then more people can start hacking it :)


Remy Lebeau wrote:

>--- on Thu, 21 Aug 2003 17:01:56 -0700, Aleksey Sanin
><aleksey at aleksey.com> wrote:
>>The new XML Security Library 1.1.1 release adds
>><X509Data/> node templates support to xmlsec-nss
>>(Tej); includes new functions for reading keys and
>>certificates from memory for xmlsec-core and
>>xmlsec-openssl (Joachim)
>Does this release include the ability to use the MS
>CryptoAPI?  That is the only feature I am still
>waiting on before I can use XMLSec at all.
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