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Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Aug 13 02:56:27 PDT 2003

Take a look at src/xmltree.c file in xmlsec distribution. There is a 
that registers ID attributes for <dsig:Signature/> or <enc:EncryptedData/>
subtrees. Just search for "xmlAddID" in the file.


Michiels Olivier wrote:

> Me again,
> sorry but it's the first time I use the libxml2 librairy and your 
> xmlsec librairy and I'm a little confused how to use some functions.
> You said that I can use the xmlAddId function to solve my problem, but 
> I don't know how to use that function, how to initialize the 
> xmlValidCtxtPtr parameter. I've check the doc of libxml2 but I didn't 
> found something.
> You're help is really appreciated.
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